Best writing comes from Best Reading

Tell me the fact when you planning to write Article how many article you analyzed it ,yes Of course your  views is own but can manage it one point with unnecessary keyword fill with count of Article making 400 words with .it is correct ? No way , you should fill with few more points will’s possible through on Competitors and top blogging writer’s Article reading only .

best writers comes from best reading 

Best Reading gives major benefits.

  • Content presenting ways they teach you.
  • writing Effectively comes automatically and styling from best reading.
  • when you equal into top blogger’s area ,you get awesome addicted readers for your blog.

Reading Time :

Don’t read  any time .fix it some time for that. that is convenient for your Mind set .Read interested time only not boring .formula read interest and writing interest give same manner value.when you reading you some points , that point need to make a short note.

Don’t write at same time of reading, reading section is separate and writing section is separate. you get idea from in it make it a note and concentrate on understanding like a master.

Bonus point :

If You Interested in reading and writing offline with out monitor and not compulsory reading with monitor . solution : simply copy that content with title to Ms word to notepad as your convenient and make print a copy , read it anywhere any time ,lets read peacefully it’s works and practically proved , Major of writers doing this trick for reading lot of Content easily of course me also doing this ☻ and same on reading E books it their Experience with in hours with out distraction.

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