Blogging tips for Absolute beginners

Difficult to start Blogging without experience.i saying for right way optimizing. you have to learn more from immediate tips and more from professional blogger’s. you must become Experienced .

Examine the following discussion :

Blogging tips for Absolute beginners 1. Start a Blog : First you have to register a domain with .com .primarily important should give to .com. before you register blog domain research blog name is having strong related to  with selected sector or not. register with best and most bloggers preferring. and for Hosting select Hosting. choose 100% uptime quality hosting only and without going for cheap.choose WordPress platform  which are most of preferring and accepted to easy navigation.choose best theme as you interested . background white is preferable.

2.Start writing : firstly start quality 8-10 post/article with. write clearly arrange the schedule time ,that time you have to publish your post daily or irregular but time is same. every zone night time traffic is very less then drive fast to reach  goal. day time due to heavy search Engine traffic unable to move fast so midnight publishing is best and preferable. first create some mandate pages like “contact” , “about me”,“Disclaimer”  and “terms of use” clearly and easy to treatable words. in about me page you have to mention clearly about your worth of goals and which quality having and why your here etc… write your own tour experience and don’t copy others tours and entertainment . you have to produce originality only not a fake one. child doing mistakes it’s not bad they correct improving with age like write with small mistakes not problem but not more. no scope for criticism. go a head and read more blogs to get confidence.

3. Traffic Earning ; getting traffic is main theme of blogging to earn .you have to join Blogging network,RSS feed subscription , making E-book ,a big amount of forums joining and get signature from. participate regularly on link building programs though commenting top page rank others blog (related to you blog only) . keep focused eye on SEO (Search Engine Optimization )program through reading experts.give much value and time for social media strategies. one of the best way for traffic comes from Social media .

4.Notifying : Every readers is important and know the value of readers give much value for .you have to solute their  problem to improved.  make readers to Customer Successfully . think always be positive spend you time and patience for stand long career. feel blogging is not for money. blogging is you Hobby.

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Conclusion : more bloggers say lot of ways but main theme is above. Follow it and gain it Successfully rocks .

Over to You : We hope enjoyed with my poor knowledge. have missing ? share it ! And am expecting you feedback must.

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Gajendran Megajolla