Feedburner Feeds not Updating : How to Fix it?

Most of using for distribute their Content through Feedburner which one freely sponsored by Google. its a wonderful Gift for blogging Authors. maximum they don’t create problem on serving. but problem creates only blog writers when missing code and raised error to read . here solution goes through found the error spot. here showing how to fix error spot and How to fix it ?

RSS feed reads automatically your latest content. and send it which time you scheduled. but Feed not updated what’s going wrong and to find?

Check original source feed : Updated on it? You can use caching plug-in, cache is a high chance your feed and when pinged by a bot, they do not have to find an updated Feed. Clear cache and ensure that the original feed fresh content.

Feeds Validate : Prevent it from syncing properly to your feed or not check here : feedvalidator.org

Ping Feedburner : check through this link and fix it : Ping Feedburner here

FeedBurner  Ping not updating fix it

Resync Feedburner Feed :

resync feed not  updating feedburner

and final one: check recent post and resubmit it of you have heavy Content in One post also Not working.