Google Adsense specialist view for beginners

Google Adsense specialist view for beginners Hello world, Struggling to earning Online Specially Adsense. today I’m going to mention Adsense earning ways. lot of Aspirators world wide say’s Adsense is trustable and most preferable for online earning through blog/website .big blogging company to part time earner mostly depends on Adsense earning through blogging.

Someone only utilizing this most of failure due to lack of Communicating for getting Account and earning . Many tries for Adsense account but some be successful , why? reason is they are Quality minded worker. virality  much needed in this field ,

Point out ,the ways to obtain Account and after getting account how to remove PIN(Personnel Identification Number ) option Details.

1.How to Get Adsense Account ?

2. How to remove PIN option ?

someone says blog/website need over 6months age is it ? Absolutely wrong one ! Experience proved .

can get without that too.

my tips here ! out below 

first you have to read Google Adsense Terms and Conditions clearly (twice)

Read here Adsense Terms and Conditions

First have to create Email Account In Gmail reveal your full name (genuine ) no pet Names

How Means : Name :rocky, Surname: Richards (Example )

create like mail  etc….(sample)

create a blog through this email in

the Blog name like   www.rockyrichards. 

start publishing 8-10 post with

the Post Contains Virality only check below more points

the content must represent like purified water level ,Don’t include spammy ,Add content Commercially usable only . don’t go for movies ,songs etc.. Copy righted content’s issue. write your own words take some time for that.

Don’t put your hand in Template  for attraction ,Use default template only .

Most of Account denied due to template issues. lot of templates not compel for Adsense TOS .

what next ?

Go to pages portion !

create below pages with fulfillment clearly

A. About Me

B. Contact

C. Privacy Policy(Disclaimer, Copy right )  etc.

Display you image In About me page ,write your goal purely and convey your  experience and why need to read your blog etc..

your 10 posts and pages should not disturb the other’s Copyright.

now done blog creation section now ready to Apply Adsense Section.

after Two days can apply though this blog for Adsense.

applied above condition on creation should work 99% . check after 24 hours wow Congratulation your Account partially approved final stage is going on wait for final review  . Google Says Our experts are examine your blog and will results soon until than you can paste codes on your blog .

Don’t get excite , don’t paste code some other’s blog until final results . it will take for two days maximum final approve will comes positively .

Now you can paste code in any blog  under TOS.

One part is over what next ?  Now PIN

2. PIN (Personnel Identification Number ) not get what to do ?

when your earning reached 10$ Google Asks to Generate PIN.

major of voice says not receiving Mail from Google PIN  . don’t be tense have a solution for that.

yes, Google Provides three chances to apply for PIN . wait for to complete three chances its take two and half months until have more patience needed . Finally not received PIN Adsense will Give Wonderful Opportunity to prove as a Viral Human.

Now option Asks your proof Attachment , Scan your Identity proof and Address proof (Approved by Government ) Major Used one ,Passport like.

put your Address proof and Identity proof in one page and Attach to Google .Do Clearly Visible one . Don’t Send Hided or false one Google will enquire later and found mistakes immediately gives ban a Bonus .

take time and send it , When is trustable and clear instantly PIN Entering Option will remove by Google Adsense  .

payment Comes when reaches 100$ minimum .


suggest : Don’t think wrong ways for Earning ,there is lot way for crime but one fine day will judge.

do honestly Earn Wisely .

All the best happy journey

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How To Get Approved For Google Adsense Account™

Over to You ; i hope enjoyed with my and this How to works in Good way  think . anything missing in this please convey to me

Give your feedback also .