How to Choose Elevator project for Blogging

How to Choose Elevator project for Blogging Brilliant Communication Needed to explain solution for  readers . already potential guys are working around the web and why you ? you having amazing skills around your taken project /product /subject ? yes choose Elevator topic to ride on web world. That topic related to your career or interest of love to writing solution in blogging /share experience .that experience pays  when your Experience highly needed. means rare case of experience.

majority are failing in blogging career mostly 98 % of Aspirants . Due to lack of Communication on choosing project in Right way. somebody searching which keyword pays high then choose that field and we can earn lot that type of thinking is it right thinking ? this goes absolute failure project. their concept not sharing knowledge. muddy mind guys . i hate that guys. why someone falling love with their concept and fooling .

even some blogger’s also writing some article about high paying keywords. real blogger don’t encourage that one . need to choose relevant field of your interest only . even not strong . but future pays lot.

then choose these ways : you can define exactly few more  minutes without error in public speech . which you deliver experience of project . whatever it certain software field or education concern subject or having interest on tours etc…

choose your graduation subject related or working related project ,Interested based project first prefer above   three steps . maximum your project come out in these. why graduated subject ? yes i know when taking subject in graduate it’s absolute your own interested that your mature minded . me saying right  think . don’t follow your friend project and concept . everyone have a special on . so prove what is on you to world. that idea you need to have.avoid bulk domain booking etc..copying someone. make you a blogger at own special talent ..

Don’t ask anybody which start is better to me like. that shows no confidential level in you .

don’t do one more project at same time. failure will kiss you for long time . you motto will off when failure kiss .at immediately mission turned in to self-protection.

why me saying like ? of course lot of failure blogger’s voice says their mistakes. one improved lets take one more if interested field.

final conclusion : choose right field blogging is a hobby to share you knowledge to world and not for money.that way will viral role for blogging.

Over to you ; my part is done partially well i think . what your feedback on my ways .anything missing on this convey to me .thanks for here.


Gajendran Megajolla