How to Improve Facebook Likes instantly ?

facebook fan page increasing Face Book fan page is one of the top key role in Business and SEO .every day connecting Facebook for Entertainment User’s ,Face book user’s first preferring Entertainment and next for business News. Some one using for Business tricky way to marketing connectivity Instantly. There is no way to tell use of Social Media Networks for blogging,business and more… here lot of logics is there for raising fans (page liker’s) in short time. lot of author saying lot of ways with big word descriptive .but there is point reason is for ignoring is words is countless in article. like soaking for Impression for ad network. here showing shortly and simple ways without big.

firstly you done created username for (your business/blog name easy to navigate )

Below few things must do’s list 

1.Ask some tricky question : Every day ask some questions not tuff little tricky like attitude questioning and like a IQ(Intelligence questions )based .

2. Page touch four times a day :  Every Four hours one touch with planned content

3. Image uploading  : Upload images freshly and not irritating minimum 4 to maximum 7

4. post it updated news with proof read

Don’t :

1. Don’t follow Competitor style

2. don’t copy thread from competitor’s

3. don’t upload old and expired

Above points may help Instantly

target is  make 100k per six month easily when follow above points regularly up to six months

All the best!

Also Follow some face book cheat Codes