how to shout as loud am a blogger

Interesting thing is every blogger want popular in relevant field but there is no concept how to do ? only way is shouting with big mike ! funny not in offline it’s in Online yar.preparing camp in various places that place is where ?

raising some questions :

1. how to shout ?

2. where to shout ?

3. when to shout ?

research it primarily time on which time is better for .what ever it don’t do uninterested  time, prepare shouting with effective keyword and choose place before proceeding to publishing .

make a note for publishing marketing in social media ,forums, comment section,some blog promoting sites. spend time accurately for concerned thesis. question it why am here ! target is this one for me. am going to popular. popular pays to you.

daily time spending on link building (quality link building) when you have 1000 quality link connectivity your automatically going to head section. when it content quality.

everyone comes out with child stage to man and going to expert. brilliant shouting like a youngster founder of Company ,Older is working on that company . think sharply every time of spending blogger continues pays in future much patetions.

shout me a child with mistakes not problem seniors will guide you to correcting mistakes but don’t behave as expert with mistakes ,simply ignoring and count a spammer .brilliancy needed.

search engine is not a human to understand ,Search engine is a machine but Search engine have brilliant human  Eyes. that eyes equal to one million humanoid eyes. step before analyze it on topic with recheck.

i know this is off food .

experts continue this to complete !  

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