How to tag own facebook fan page on posting for promotion

Facebook introduced some ways to self promotion own profile of fan page. it’s considerable way for get fast fans for your profile. self tagging is also working as some % .yes then why are you late this tutorial let explain about self tagging on facebook wall. actually somebody tries it’s not working .. need to change some option in Facebook setting after it’s work ..lets follow below..

first you have to for facebook ►privacy settings◄ let choose option “Post by me” to ▬ ► “everyone”

facebook fan page self tag

facebook fan page self tagging

Before ▬►

facebook fan page self tagging before

After change ▬►

facebook fan page self tag how

Yes partially done now go to facebook wall use before tag  @ key after it’s show auto tagging after select which you want it’s works .

need to tag someone profile or own need to use @ key for stating after enter any special character. Hope it will helps well ..all the best