Which one ruling on blogging failure ?

Self Question : blogging need for ?

ruling on blogging failure Blogging is needed for Human not for machine. failure starting from thinking ways is like machine . blogger must have humours mind set on writing.this is primarily mandate for  every blogger , don’t have you like that lets change it.

Check below main ruler in Failure :

1. Not Resolving  the problem of Reader’s (whatever it related to your blogging topic , blogger have to give solution for that in case don’t have solution refer to other one like a Doctor )

2.  Writing and Acting role is Selfishly (write and act with honestly )

3. don’t encouraging commenter’s (whatever Commenter is key role of your success note ,am not lying it’s true impact ☻ )

4. Not Replaying for their readers comment.

5. negative thoughts on your blog from visitors and they ignoring.

6. visitor’s searching for solutions so your blog quit always

7. when you acting a machine on writing and also writing for machine and machine language (write it human language only )

8. there is no clarity on design whether confusing with ads and design ,when they didn’t confirming original content which is .

9. loading speed problem , loading very slowly .it’s irritating one so they ignore it (error in coding ) .

10.when blog not sharing entertainment ,it’s boring so they out from your blog.

11. no regular Updates and updating lately .(up to date is mandatory in blogging field )

12. blogging is a free consultant in online, when not a free consultant…

above qualities is mandate for blogger who need success. even some process in success SEO (Search engine optimization) is   secondary one.link building etc..

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